A brief update from the team!

Wow, a lot has happened over the past couple of months - including me (Adam) forgetting the login details for this blog πŸ‘€ thankfully 90% of our members are in the Discord or following on Twitter - so there were plenty of other ways to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

Before we get into it, I'm sure you've noticed that we've given the blog a new lick of paint! As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions please use #suggestions in our Discord.

As there are so many updates to get through I'm going to batch them into categories, this should help you be able to scan to the parts that you want to read!

Platform & DAO governance

With GIP #0001 passing the members' vote, the team have been busy building. At the moment we are on track with the schedule outlined.

Timeline and Roadmap:
04/06: Push GIP to snapshot - start voting
04/13: End voting
05/20: Implemented smart contracts for staking
06/14: Implemented smart contracts for DA auctions
06/30: Integrated GEN.ART frontend with staking platform and new collection contracts

It's probably also a good time to have a refresher on some of the new dynamics and changes coming to the ecosystem in this Google Doc.

Artists, collections & drops

The lifeblood of the platform is the relationships that we build with artists around the world. I spend most of my days talking to incredibly talented people about how we can make their vision a reality.

GEN.ART has grown to become the worlds leading generative art platform when it comes to storytelling and community – and intentionally so. Whilst others focus on short term 'price inflation' or 'market manipulation', we let the artwork, the artist and the community do the talking. This will be what stands the test of time.

Since our last update we've had so many beautiful collections released:

We also started deploying collections as their own contracts, meaning that they get their own collections on OpenSea. This will now be the standard for all drops moving forward.

Next week we have our first 3D drop by Dan Zucco, and incredibly talented artist. Check out his Behance! We'll soon have his microsite up and going, as well as a podcast where we chat about everything from his inspirations, his style, why 3D resonates with him the most, and much more!

Over the past two months we've expanded from pure-play JavaScript generative drops to AI drops and 3D drops. This is because we want to be as inclusive as possible and expand our mission to all things digital. We believe that in the future all three tracks will intersect, as technology and computing power improve.


We have an action packed summer ahead.

Kicking off with a month long gallery show at Vellum LA. This is pretty huge! One month of generative art in West Hollywood, teaching the public and traditional art collectors about everything generative, and everything NFTs – all whilst displaying amazing artwork on the best digital screens available.

We're going to be using this time to obviously display all past collections from all of our artists, but we're also going to be partnering with some prominent DAOs and Collectors. We are also going to be hosting a couple of dinners for members!

This is tentatively schedule for June 2nd - June 26th.

We're also working on some plans for NFT NYC which is in late June!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing an order from the Print Shop coming through. Me and Chris started GEN.ART with the mission of getting generative art hanging in our members' homes. Not being a platform to buy, sell and flip NFTs. But one where members build a relationship with artists and the art they mint - and what better way to demonstrate that something is meaningful to you than to hang it in your home, see it every day and talk to guests about the various pieces.

We've had over 1,000 prints now sent out - all over the world. With one collector having upwards of 30 on their own! Whoever you are, we salute you!

If you want to get one of your pieces printed, simply jump over to the Print Shop, select the piece, and the size you want!

Closing words & macro

As you watch the news and read through Twitter it doesn't take long to understand the tumultuous macro environment we're living through - as global capital markets go into 'risk-off', and governments rally to try and tackle inflation. No doubt we're already seeing the trickle down effect in crypto markets. From my perspective, we've seen this all before, and there'll always be ebbs and flows - everything can't always go up and to the right into perpetuity - it's just not sustainable.

That's why we've always said focus on the artwork, mint a piece that resonates with you and mint something that you want to hold onto forever. And stay within your boundaries of available expenditure. Collecting art is a luxury, all of us are in such a privileged position to be able to spend disposable income on something that we appreciate. Here at GEN.ART we've always led the way in terms of letting artists set their own price, whilst guiding them so that it remains affordable to collectors.

As a team of builders from web2, we recognise that the best time to execute is during a bear market. A lot of 'frothy' projects disappear, giving renewed focus to the audience that sticks around for the projects that are here for the long term – and that's us. So I just wanted to say thank you to the GEN.ART community, all you have to do is drop by the Discord to see what a respectful, intelligent group of people we have from all corners of the earth and all walks of life.

Speak soon!

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