A brief update from GEN.ART

A brief update from GEN.ART

We wanted to give a brief general update on what we're working on behind the scenes, as well as the next drop! We know you are eager to learn more.

This week we've been working on paying down some 'tech debt' that we'd accrued over the past six weeks, since launch. This spanned the whole tech stack, front-to-back.

We've made image storage and loading more efficient, we've completely overhauled our wallet connection module. As a result, many more wallets are now able to connect, and you're able to mobile mint!

We spent a great deal of time with the agency who are redesigning our whole website - which looks amazing by the way. We can't wait to push it live!

Add to this the work on the Print Shop, DAO Platform, and the Art Exporter (now live) which allows owners to download their artwork in up to 7K resolution.

Hopefully you can see that we've not been sitting still.

Looking elsewhere, away from the tech stack, we announced our upcoming physical gallery in London. Taking place in November. Of course showcasing all of our artists and their releases, up until the show - but also acting as an education centre for the general public, and traditional art community, to learn about generative art.

We continue to dedicate a lot of time speaking with artists, introducing them to the platform, and planning releases with them.

Our community of members continues to grow, and the quality of conversation in Discord is exemplary for a somewhat self-regulating entity. As each day goes by we believe the community continues to settle, allowing members who are here for the long term to get to know one another.

Chris and I have also spent some time in making GEN.ART sustainable beyond us. Investing in documentation, interviewing potential new team members, and starting to get into a rhythm - opposed to burning out 24/7.  It's all to easy to get lost in the world of crypto and put everything else on the hold. We know, as we've been doing it for the past six weeks. And I think we're both battling sickness as a result this week! We now have some pretty regular hours when you can expect to see us on Discord. And we have a few weekly ceremonies, for example our Sunday Sessions, that give us some touch points with the community.

As for the drops, as we've always said - we promise to give members at least one drop per month. This week we took pause to accomplish the above, as well as work with the artists and make sure that we're well prepared. Each release we spend a huge amount of effort to build out a custom micro-site to make sure that our members really get to know the artist. We want their story and their character to shine through. We want the message of their art to be known. We sit down and also record a podcast, so that you can listen to it whilst you're minting!

Next week, we aim to release our first <5,500 drop. This means we will have more than one artist. And when members mint, they'll be allocated randomly - remember you can see how this works in our previous blog post on drop mechanics.

We're really pleased with how the releases have taken shape over the past month. And the tremendous amount of effort that the artists put in, making sure that our community of members have the best generative art experience.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support, and thank you for all of the great suggestions. It's a delight to speak with so many intelligent, passionate, collectors.

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