Discord AMA - Notes

Discord AMA - Notes

Yesterday we hosted a Discord Audio AMA. This replaced the Twitter Spaces that was scheduled. Our Twitter account doesn’t have the correct permissions to be able to host a Spaces. We are hoping we can get that changed in time for next week.

In total, around 300 people listened in. We covered a variety of topics, below are some notes from the conversation.

These may not be in the correct order, but do cover most of the topics discussed. If we have missed any, just highlight the question or topic in one of the Discord channels.

Finally, before getting into it — we are going to try and make the voice chat (whether it’s on Discord or Twitter) a weekly occurrence. Too often community members are sitting behind their keyboards. We believe in moving beyond this — to voice. Hoping that we can forge closer connections and build a better community.


We spoke about the GEN.ART platform, and how far along we are with development. First, it’s important to understand what are the components of the GEN.ART ‘platform’:

1. The GEN.ART website (and mini-sites dedicated to drops)
2. Backend infrastructure
3. Generative art infrastructure
4. Solidity contracts
5. DAO portal, and Snapshot integration
6. Governance tokens, including Uniswap and Unicrypt
7. Artists playground for testing
8. QA testing

As you can see, there’s a number of micro-services all dependent upon talking to one another. We do have the majority of this built. The focus for the past week, and the next few days will be the DAO portal and governance token mechanics. We brought on a two more developers to help with the artists playground.

Someone had asked ‘what is keeping us up at night’, and my answer centred upon having sufficient time to QA everything, whilst hitting our ambitious milestones.

As I always say, nothing is set in stone, and over the next couple of days one of our Advisors, Hype, is going to be doing a deep dive with our tech lead to make sure we have good foundations, and to help identify anything that might fall over under high load, or spot any vulnerabilities.


We’re working on creating a public roadmap so that the community can see milestones, and progress toward them. We’re deciding between two platforms. And will have more news shortly.


One thing we spoke about when it comes to art are the three different buckets that we look at when onboarding artists:

1. Traditional offline artists
2. Established generative artists
3. Up-and-coming generative artists

These groups have specific nuances which make a drop from each very different to one another.

When establishing the vision for GEN.ART we wanted to focus on inclusivity. And that means that artists shouldn’t have to spend years learning javascript to make their vision a reality. That’s why we partner with them, equip them with a team of assistants (in the form of experienced generative artist javascript developers).

We have quite a few artists already scheduled, and they span all three buckets mentioned above. Earlier this week we opened our application process. We’ve had a great response, with over 30 applications in the first 48 hours.


We covered this in our previous blog post, about how over time the team will have a more public presence. I think someone asked how we all know each other, and it’s as you would expect, a combination of real world connections as well as being part of the same online communities, sharing similar interests.

We noted that we’re happy with how the Advisory board currently cover all the core bases: tech, governance, and art.


I continued to reinforce that we should be over-communicating. And that remains one of my primary aims.

Focused AMAs and Deep Dives. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be hosting sessions with a specific topic in mind. For example, Tokenomics. During that session we’ll have a brief opening statement, then open it to the floor, and field questions to hopefully stimulate conversation between members.

Launch Day

We spent some time talking about launch day and how the growth was unexpected. The day we sold out was supposed to be a friends-of-friends ‘soft launch’. With it quickly growing to 2,000 people holding 5,100 memberships.

We chatted about the fact that we had just verified our contract and were in the middle of setting up Discord when a new member joined, @Chopchop. We were surprised, as we had not said a word about the project to anyone. We’d pushed the website live only twenty minutes prior. And somehow, @Chopchop still managed to find us and was like “heyyy, what’s up?”.

He asked how public he could be about the project, and at first we said keep it under wraps as we are literally setting up the Discord. But after twenty minutes or so, we said that he could message a couple of friends.

Those two friends, become four, four became sixteen, and the law of exponentials started unfolding before our eyes.


We understand that there are questions on the specifics of the tokenomics, during the AMA I said I would defer to one of our deep dives when Justin or Chris can give better insight.

Open Threads

1. #blog-post-qa: we opened up a channel on the back of our introductory blog post, and asked everyone to pitch questions they’d like answered. We’re now batching these into groups and working on answering them all in a post.

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