Hello November 👋

Hello November 👋

We wanted to give a brief update from GEN.ART HQ.

We strive to keep as many communication channels open as possible; namely through Discord, Sunday Sessions, Twitter and this blog.

We noticed that we hadn't written a post on here in a while. So at the risk of duplicating what you've already heard (from this week's Sunday Session) we wanted to post an update here for those who couldn't make it.

Our drops

We're now in Week 10, since launch. Time has flown by, for us at least...

In that time we've had five amazing drops from seven incredibly talented artists. We've found a cadence that seems to work for the community, the artists and us as a team - every two weeks.

We've also got an incredible roster of artists planned, taking us right through to 2022. If you're an artist, don't let that put you off, the calendar is flexible, and we'd encourage you to send us a note through the Artists' Apply page on the website.

This week we're mixing it up a little, and in collaboration with French generative artist, Gaëtan Renaudeau (@greweb), we're releasing our first limited collection.

It will only be 1,000 pieces. It's open to both Gold and Standard Members on a first come, first served basis. And will go live at 7pm CET on 3rd November.

The collection is entitled Cirque de Lumières, which is French for “Circus of Lights”. The fusion of glowing shapes in motion explores many dualities: organic and mechanical, smooth and sharp, minimalistic and complex, solid and morphing.

So far the GEN.ART membership model has performed incredibly well. We've seen countless examples of members waiting until gas on the ethereum blockchain has been low. As well as welcoming new members who have purchased a membership on secondary, with prior mints available - Christmas come early for them!

No gas wars remains a core value of GEN.ART - and with this in mind we'll continue to deliver at least one drop for all members, each month. That's 5,500 pieces.

But every now and again, we also want to try out something new, to give us data - so that the DAO can make informed decisions when it comes to new GIPs that have been proposed.

We also need to operate within the constraints of the current contracts in the GEN.ART ecosystem - unfortunately they're write once! New contracts mean new collections on OpenSea, and we're trying to now limit this, so that people who discover GEN.ART don't get too confused.

We've mentioned it before, but it's worth reiterating - all of our drops are on-chain. This remains a core value of ours. Behind the scenes we're busy innovating and trying to push the boundaries of on-chain generative art. We have quite a few amazing drops in the pipeline, that do just this.

GEN.ART Platform

This month we're focused on delivering the DAO Platform. That means members who have the $GENART tokens will be able to both submit and vote on GIPs. With this in mind, we'd encourage you to re-familiarise yourself with the Governance Paper (PDF) that was circulated a few weeks ago.

We'll be using the Snapshot.org API, so we'd also recommend you have a click around there, as it will show you the expected functionality - once we're live.

We welcomed two new contract developers to the team, to help not only with the DAO Platform but for the new GEN.ART website launch. Just a couple of weeks in we already started working on v2. Striving for the platform to have a much better user experience as well as a design and style that you would expect from one the world's leading art platforms.

Other news

Thank you to everyone who participated and voted in Arihz's Panel Contest. The GEN.ART DAO won! It was an honour for us to be competing against such prestige DAOs, and it was incredible seeing our community rally together. Our values, voice, and camaraderie really shone through. Everyone using their specific strengths to edge us forward. You are able to see the winning panel here, and you're also able to read more about Panels here.

For our pop-up gallery, we continue to work with contractors on the ground in London. We've tentatively planned it for 15th - 21st November, but don't book anything quite yet. There's still some dependencies that could let us down. We'll release a full micro-site dedicated to it when it's set in stone, hopefully within the next week.

For the Print Shop, we're hoping we'll be able to open the doors at the same time as the new website goes live. As with anything that has a supply chain, we want to make sure that it doesn't breakdown on the first day. Thanks so much for your patience on this. The GEN.ART Print Shop will enable you to get high quality prints of NFTs that you own, in your wallet.

For the $GENART token, and liquidity, in terms of being able to trade it. We've pencilled this in for mid-November. We have a few details to iron out, as well as continue to work on the boring legal stuff behind the scenes. We know that people are eager for the ability to trade. But please do keep in mind; first-and-foremost, we're a DAO and these tokens are the means to self-governance.

That's mostly it - we'd like to give Laya a shoutout for being featured in both The Defiant and The Hindustan Times. She continues to be a beacon of inspiration for young coders and artists around the world.

As always, please do join us in our Discord. Continue to share your wonderful collections on Twitter. And we can't wait for the next few weeks - there's a lot to be excited about!

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