Lucas Swick's Blóm

Lucas Swick's Blóm

This week we released a new 5,500 piece collection, Blóm, by generative artist Lucas Swick.

Blóm is Lucas' first long-form generative art collection. Modelled after a portal, the series explores the process of introspection.

The team at GEN.ART couldn't be more pleased with how the collection has taken shape. The colour palettes used, as well as the variety, and cohesion of the collection as a whole is a testament to Lucas' ability and creativity.

We were also over-the-moon to hear that the release has been life changing for Lucas. All those months of working behind the scenes with the GEN.ART team, making refinements, it's been a rewarding experience to see the series grow and develop.

One thing we always want to ensure is diversity in the collections, and we're pleased with the dichotomy of the first two drops.

If you have the time, we'd encourage you to listen to the podcast between me, Adam, and Lucas. Overall it lasts for about 30 minutes, but during it you'll get to hear about Lucas' background, his approach to generative art and also learn more about this specific drop.

It was a pleasure for the whole team at GEN.ART to work alongside Lucas, and we can't wait to see collection grow as more and more members mint. And, we can't wait to see what's next for Lucas!

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