Our first official drop

Our first official drop

It's the day after our inaugural drop by the talented Laya Mathikshara.

We couldn't be more pleased. Laya's art is incredible, and well received by our community of members.

The drop has also enabled us to demonstrate some of our core values. Showing that we're here for the long term.

Laya, throughout the entire partnership, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not only in her creation of a technically challenging but thought provoking collection. But also in how she has engaged with the community, gave insight into her creative process, and been a beacon of light for other young girls who want to get into coding.

She has shown that anything is possible.

It has made us incredibly proud and pleased to hear her say that the opportunity has been 'life changing' for her. We can't wait to see what a smart, determined young lady is going to achieve, with her whole life ahead of her. If the butterfly effect is anything to go by, we're confident it should spread a lot of good around the world.

The past day has also been a time of reflection for the team. It seems like just yesterday that we pushed the button to go live. Yet, when you think about it so much has been accomplished. We've had two free airdrops for our membership base, we've built an entire web app including rarity ranker, screener and gallery. Behind the scenes we've built a DAO governance platform, created six or so high quality blockchain contracts, chatted to hundreds of incredibly talented artists, and built a world class community of collectors, contributors and thinkers.

We are two people, although set to grow shortly.

We will continue to deliver on the promises that we have made. At least one drop per month, of great art, with no gas wars.

Thank you to all of our members, and thank you again to Laya - it was a pleasure to work alongside you.

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